Remember This Girl On Parle-G Biscuit Packet? See How She Looks Now

parle g biscuit price parle girl age

In our Childhood biscuits are our favourite snacks. In olden days Parle-G was the best biscuit to eat. In India, Parle-G biscuit is a very common part for every Indian family breakfast.  This Biscuit has been favourite of all children and teenagers. The taste of this biscuit never changed. The Parle-G company was started production of biscuits in 1939 in Mumbai.

But Now Today due to competition its selling has decreased. But it has the same taste.

As same, its packing is also not changed. Now we look how she looks like now.

parle g biscuit girl age

This girl name is Niru Despande. She lives in Nagpur. She was 65 Years old.



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